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Good Job, Mister Sun

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

Good job, Mister Sun.  I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Everyone talks about the beautiful ones down on the Gulf of Mexico but hey…save the gas and enjoy the ones right here in Southern Illinois.  It is common here in our neck of the woods to have both sunrises and sunsets that are just awesome.  These masterpieces are enhanced by different things in the atmosphere but are created by the Masterpiece Maker…the God who made it all.

Well, yesterday morning, this Masterpiece Maker decided to show off.  Let me explain.  I get up long before sunrise but by the time I drink a couple of cups of coffee and have some time with Jesus, the sun is just about ready to say good morning.  So yesterday, I opened the door of my office at home and paused at a table we have in our hallway.  It has a window that faces east and that is where and when I saw it.  There, peeking through the trees, was the most magnificent sunrise I have seen in years. The sun was just above the horizon, and it was a flaming ball of color…a combination of intense red and orange.

Try as I might, I can’t think of anything to compare it too.  It simply took my breath away.  I immediately went downstairs and spoke to Judy through an open the window. I told her, “You need to go and look at the sunrise. It is incredible.”  She mentioned something about getting a camera and I told her, “No, go right now.”  Well, she did, and she too was rewarded with this masterpiece.  We could only see it in one particular spot and through the trees, but it was sweet…very sweet.  And it didn’t last too long.  In just a few minutes the color was not as intense, and it went from beyond words to just plain old beautiful.  The truth is God had chosen that morning and that place to show off and we got to see it.

Well, in a few minutes, I had slipped on my walking clothes and headed to the cemetery for my morning walk.  By now the sun was up higher in the sky…still beautiful and still magnificent in its everyday glory.  But all that paled now because of what I had seen that morning.  And that morning, that early morning, I knew I had discovered perhaps the true purpose of the sun.

I know no sun would mean no life.  We would be a planet of cold and darkness like so many others, so I get the importance of the sun and its light. So, while all that is so very important, is it the true purpose of this heavenly light we call the sun?  Maybe not.  You see in the Old Testament part of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, there is a verse that says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of His hands.” When I think of that verse and remember that sunrise, I think I know the true purpose of the sun…to declare the glory of God.

You see, God is so great, so good, so loving, so kind, so caring, so holy, so magnificent that He is really beyond words.  So maybe, just maybe, He gives us sunrises like the one I saw that morning to help me, to help us understand just how awesome He is. The truth is there is no doubt in my mind that the God who made all of us and all of this is one incredible God.  So beyond words He gives us sunrises, and full moons and a sky filled with stars just to declare His glory and to let us know just how great He is.

I’ve shared many times that I believe God sends us love notes every single day. Often those love notes tell us how much He loves us and cares for us.  That includes sunrises and sunsets and beautiful mountains and flowers and even a precious newborn’s face.  Common? Not hardly. Each one is a love note from the Father.  So today take a moment and look at the splendor of creation. Go ahead and dare to be amazed at this God who loves us so much.  And then marvel at the thought that as we journey, as we do this thing called life, He loves us and gently whisperers, “I’ve got this.”  Bro. Dewayne


Southern born. Love God, my wife, family, and a great adventure.

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